Ipswich Dental Care

personalised treatment for all the family
Customer seating area Secluded courtyard seating area
We have three separate relaxing customer seating areas on the premises. These are complimented by a secluded outdoor courtyard sitting area. Free wifi access is available in all areas. In the surgeries you are welcome to dock your iPod and listen to your own choice of relaxing music whilst receiving treatment.
A custom-fitted room services all of our dentists' equipment decontamination and sterilisation requirements. The facility is equipped with a washer/disinfector which cleanses all equipment after use. Coupled with a high power magnification loupe for post-sterilisation inspection of instruments the highest levels of hygiene can be assured.

Decontamination facility
Digital x-ray equipment provide an instant processing of the image, this means an immediate diagnosis without wait for the patient. Digital x-ray imaging equipment is also more sensitive - this means that an effective radiation level five times lower than that used by older analogue equipment with a corresponding increase in safety margin for both the operator and patient.

We are one of few dental practices in East Anglia to use an operating microscope, this facilitates precise and accurate root canal therapy reducing discomfort and increasing operative efficiency.

Our building is laid out with convenience for those of our clients who are less able, with ramp access, ground floor surgeries and disabled toilet and washing facilities.